Camp is in

We are makers – but… not just any makers – we are THE holiday makers.

We are Yarnsies.

Have you registered for camp? We want to make the holidays fun.

This is the ONLY fiber arts festival designed for the maker in us all…

Check out our upcoming social events!

Check out our fun, upcoming social events!

We can’t get to the UK, so the UK is coming to us. Join us for a magical tour of famous harry potter filming locations.



Also, Butterbeer is the best.


Rock out in the best decade!

Show us your best pat Benetar, Pour some sugar (just not on your fiber), catch the rains in Africa.


The 80s were the best decade. Fight me.

There’s definitely gonna be fiber, maybe even robots. Tune in … and see what happens in our crazy Mystery Fiber Theater 3000!

Well hey there lassie- this mystery tour will be right up your alley if you love romance, time travel and well…romance.




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