Thursday, November 25, 2021

Thursday, November 25, 2021

Live stream shopping

10 am to 10 pm eastern

New vendor video presentation every 30 minutes

Special holiday offer: Each presentation will have either a special discount code or a giveaway (item valued $25+). 

You never know what special deal you may find!

How to Watch

How to Watch

Viewers can watch the live streaming videos here:

  • Camp Yarnsie website
  • Facebook Page
    • Camp Yarnsie Page
    • Camp Yarnsie Group
  • YouTube
  • Instagram (depending upon video orientation) 

Simultaneously live stream your video to your business Facebook Page, individual Facebook Account, and other social media sites etc.

Sales Format

Sales Format

Have viewers shop your website or buy directly from your video by commenting "sold" and invoicing the person directly through messenger...the option is yours.

I'm in! Show Me How...

I'm in! Show Me How...

Step 1: Fill out the application and submit payment.

Step 2: Create a 30 minute (or less) sales presentation video. Include either a special discount code or a giveaway item (valued at $25+ more) in your presentation.

Step 3: Upload your video to Camp Yarnsie's Google Drive before Friday, November 19, 2021 @ 12 pm eastern.

On Monday, November 1, 2021 all vendor applicants will receive an email containing the schedule of events for November 25, 2021 (Thanksgiving Day).

This schedule will include the time of your live stream video premiere.


Its EASY! Getting paid while eating turkey & taking a nap...

Record a 30 minute mp4 video presentation. Show us your products, share your holiday specials, and/or how to use a tool. Include a special discount code or a giveaway item during your video. The time is yours to promote your business to holiday shoppers.


Support for Vendors
Camp Yarnsie Vendor Private Facebook Group

Vendors who have paid the virtual booth fee for the upcoming event will be invited to join. The Camp Yarnsie Vendor Facebook Group is a private group. This is a fabulous resource to meet and talk with fellow vendors. Ask questions and get suggestions. Need inspiration? Checkout all of our previous vendor videos (and outtakes too). This is a safe and supportive location to try live streaming (where no one can see you but group members) and practice what you are going to say, etc.

How do I get an invite to this group? Invitations to this group are by private invitation only. Group members are limited to the current vendors preparing for the upcoming festival. After every festival, the previous group members are removed and the upcoming/new vendors are invited to join. Why?  Its not about the quantity or number of group members that matters – what matters is the connection those group members establish through a similarly shared interest which encourages engagement and growth among the members. Which is more helpful 100 “likes” or a handful of voices offering supportive feedback?

It is easy to focus on the main event, the final outcome – but what was it like behind the scenes? This gives you a true vendor to vendor perspective unlike any other vendor group. What happens (and has happened) in the private vendor group – stays in the private vendor group. Only those who  have become Camp Yarnsie vendors know what it is like on the inside.

Creating a Virtual Presentation

Take a look at our Vendor Camp Course, which is available for purchase. This is an excellent option for those who are relatively new to creating and presenting virtually. Additionally, this is a great resource for seasoned virtual vendors to fine tune their tech, software, and formats.

The Vendor Camp Course breaks down all of that technical information into bite sized mini videos, which walk you through – step-by-step – how to setup the tech parts (your existing camera, audio, etc), and how to use your tech and available software to create an outstanding virtual presentation. Go from zero to hero and your own pace. This curriculum was originally developed with fiber artist vendors in mind, and has been provided to Camp Yarnsie vendors since June of 2020. Vendor Camp Course – Click to Purchase

Technical Support

A limited number of  live support sessions provided by our experienced and trained technical staff are available for purchase. Click Here to Purchase – Live Tech Support Session

Need a Lil’ Creative Inspiration?

Sometimes we all just need to talk it out to get that creative mojo moving. Want to get creative presentation/activity suggestions which are relevant to your brand? Click Here to Purchase – On Demand Creative Virtual Think Tank.

General Questions

Click here to send an email. please type “Event Question” in the subject headline.


camp yarnsie virtual fiber festival

Video Format

30 Minutes (or less)




Maximum Size:
1 GB (or smaller)

Most 30 minute videos recorded in 1080p will be well below this size limit. If your video is over 1 GB don’t fret you can compress your file click here to see how.

Upload Your Video


Upload your video to our Google Drive.

Once you submit your application you will receive an email with a link to Camp Yarnsie’s Google Drive and step by step instructions (including video) on how to upload your video.


Friday, November 19, 2021 @ 12 pm eastern. 

How do I apply?

Is this a Juried Event?

Virtual Booth Fee

What time will my video air?

What if I miss the upload deadline?

Is the virtual booth fee refundable?

Custom Vendor Events (November 26-28)

Does the application for the Thursday, November 25th event cover my participation fee in the Custom Vendor Events?

Complete the application form and submit your payment. This will reserve your 30 minute live streaming sales video premiere. 

No, this is not a juried event. This is a first come, first served event. A very limited number of spaces are still available. Once the sessions are filled the application will be closed.

When you submit your vendor application a $30.00 Virtual Booth Fee is collected. This payment reserves your 30 minute live video premiere and covers your live stream across our social platforms and website. Additionally, this fee covers advertising and promoting for this event on social media sites. When you submit your payment you are committing to participate in this event. Fees are non-refundable.

On Monday, November 1, 2021 all vendor applicants will receive an email containing the schedule of events for November 25, 2021 (Thanksgiving Day). This schedule will include the time of your live stream video premiere.

You forfeit your event time on Thursday, November 25, 2021. The time slot may or may not be filled by a wait list vendor.

Due to advertising and platform expenses all fees are non-refundable.

Participation in the Thursday, November 25, 2021 event is required in order to participate in the Custom Vendor Events occurring November 26-28, 2021. You must sign up for the Custom Vendor Events separately. Click here to apply for Thursday November 25, 2021 event. 

No, you must sign up for the Custom Vendor Events separately.

Terms & Conditions

All participating vendors and videos must comply with the social media site(s) and Camp Yarnsie’s Vendor Terms & Conditions

Vendors are responsible for creating a recorded video and submitting the video before the deadline.

All videos must be in the following format: mp4 and under 1 GB size. Videos are to be uploaded to the Camp Yarnsie Google Drive. Deadline to upload your video presentation is Friday, November 19th at 12 pm eastern (for presentations held on Thursday, November 25th). If your video is not received by the deadline, you will forfeit your virtual presentation time and payment is nonrefundable. Payment is confirmation you agree to all vendor terms and conditions. 

Instructional support for building and how to host a vendor presentation is available for purchase through our Vendor Camp Course. Click Here to Purchase

Live support provided by our experienced and trained technical staff are available for purchase; however, a limited number of sessions are available.

Application Process

This is a first come, first served event. This is not a juried event. Once your submit your application, you are guaranteed a 30 minute session on Thursday, November 25th.

Virtual Event Format

Camp Yarnsie’s Holiday Camp Virtual Fiber Festival for Thursday, November 25, 2021 is a prerecorded vendor format. Therefore, tech checks do not apply to this event. 

Technical Support

Free tech set up and support are not available for this event. Our Vendor Camp Course which provides step by step support on how to set up, live stream, and record a video sales presentation is available for purchase here. Live Tech Support sessions are available for purchase here.