Vendor Terms and Conditions

  1. The term vendor applies to vendors, instructors, and all other business types unless otherwise expressly noted. 
  2. The term booth applies to virtual booth, virtual workshop rooms, and all other virtual event platform locations unless otherwise expressly noted.
  3. It is the vendor’s responsibility to read the Vendor Terms and Conditions before submitting the application. By submitting your application, you are agreeing to these Vendor Terms and Conditions.
  4. Camp Yarnsie (Yarnsie) is a supportive learning community run by employees and volunteers. Vendors, moderators, and administrators agree to respect, be respectful and listen to each other. 
  5. We are an inclusive community. No political advertising content is allowed, whether by speech, items, clothing and/or signs in videos. 
  6. The focus of the Camp Yarnsie live event presentations are items related to the craft industry including (but not limited to finished products, materials, and or tools needed for crafting) knitting, crochet, spinning, bath and body, fashion, needlecraft, home decor, etc. This includes handcrafted items, which represent a unique and original style. Equipment or tools included in a kit , while these items may not be handmade are also included in our accepted categories. For vendor categories click here.
  7. It is the sole responsibility of Vendor to comply with all intellectual property rights of third parties, including but not limited to any patent, trademark or copyright rights relating to any products or services offered by Vendor or materials used by Vendor. I understand that all items on display and for sale must represent a unique and original style, and (if items are commercially mass produced) are authorized as a dealer to distribute.
  8. Camp Yarnsie reserves the right to refuse items deemed inappropriate, at any time before or during the show.
  9. All vendors agree to follow the rules set by social media sites (including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc.) for live sales and events.  There are to be no animal sales or sales of hides, pelts or skins. Additionally, no authorized use of licensed music in your presentations.  However, if you own the license for the song/music, or it is unlicensed (and appropriate credit is given in the description of your presentation) these are exceptions to that rule.
  10. All events are posted in Eastern Time.

Application Process

  1. All vendors complete an application. This is a juried event and your acceptance is not guaranteed. All application fees are non-refundable.
  2. To be eligible for the early booth rate, vendors must submit their completed applications prior to the early application deadline. All applications received after the early application deadline will be charged the regular booth rate. 
  3. The Camp Yarnsie Vendor Committee reviews all applications. You will be notified of your status as either accepted, wait-listed, or declined. You will be notified by the dates listed here.
  4. During the application process, Camp Yarnsie does not guarantee any particular assignment day to any vendor/instructor. We hold a fair and impartial process when setting up our festival events schedule.
  5. Vendors who are declined may receive this status due to the number of applications received for the selected date(s) applied for. There are a limited number of vendor and instructor spots per event. This is to ensure each show has a wide variety of quality products to share with customers. If you do not get accepted to the first show you apply to, please try again.
  6. Wait Listed: If a spot becomes available all wait listed vendors/instructors will receive an email containing the a link to pay the booth fee. The first vendor to provide payment will secure the booth. That vendor will receive information via email regarding the assigned date/time, access to the on-demand tech webinar, and other festival information. Vendors – may receive notice of an available booth spot for the upcoming event up to the start time of the event. Instructors – may receive notice of an available virtual workshop room up to 2 weeks prior to the event. 
  7. Accepted vendors & instructors will receive a notification email with a PayPal invoice. From the time the PayPal invoice is sent vendors have 48 hours to pay the booth fee. If the booth fee is not received in the time allotted Camp Yarnsie reserves the right to resend the vendor’s acceptance. The wait list will be notified and the booth will be filled.
  8. The booth fee is dependent upon the date of the event and the date your application was submitted to Camp Yarnsie. Booth fees are listed here. Booth fees are used to pay for: virtual events platform (BlueJeans), streaming software and production tools, employees including live technology support, marketing materials and paid advertising, website hosting and website design, ticketing features for events, and more. Booth and application fees are non-refundable.
  9. Once booth payment has been received, the vendor will receive a email containing the following valuable information. Please save this email.
    1. Schedule. Vendors will receive the assigned date and time for your 1-hour pop up shop time, and the date/time for your 1-hour product demonstration event. Instructors will receive the assigned date(s) and time(s) for your workshop event(s).
    2. Live Tech Webinar. Make note of the date(s) and time(s) offered for the 1 Hour Live Tech Webinar. All vendors and instructors are required to attend this live event. During the webinar we walk you through step-by-step how to set-up your existing tech devices, how to install the software on your devices, and instruction on the available features within our virtual platform.  If you are unable to attend a on-demand recording of the live event is available for digital rental in our vendor shop.
    3. Request Live Tech Support. The procedure and link for submitting a Live Tech Support request will be included in the vendor information email. Per your paid booth fee you will receive the first 30 minutes free. If you need additional support, more time is available for purchase in our vendor shop.
    4. Social Media Groups. Links for joining all of our social media groups and the Facebook Private Vendor Group are located here. Please join these groups to follow what is happening on social media and to communicate with other vendors. Additionally, please share this information including the website to your followers and email list subscribers.
    5. Additional. Marketing packages, on-demand webinars, and presentation templates are available for purchase through our vendor shop. These are optional upgrades to your virtual booth experience.


  1. Vendors and instructors are responsible for all equipment needed to run a successful virtual class. In order to participate in the Camp Yarnsie Virtual Craft Festival each vendor/instructor is required to have the following:
    1. Website or Etsy shop. You must have a URL where people can make purchases from. (This does not apply to virtual speakers/instructors)
    2. A working laptop or desktop computer (Mac or Windows. No Chromebooks.
    3. One mobile device (such as iphone, android, ipad,gopro, DSLR with HDMI cord, web cam etc.)
    4. Internet connection with an upload speed of 5 mbps or higher. Click here to find out how to check your upload speed.
  2. Camp Yarnsie uses BlueJeans by Verizon as our virtual platform. BlueJeans is similar to Zoom, however; it is much easier for both attendees and vendors/instructors to use and provides multiple formats for attendees to join the room. Additionally the audio (background sound cancellation) and video quality are outstanding.  Vendors/instructors do not need to have a BlueJeans account. As part of your virtual booth/workshop fee Camp Yarnsie provides the scheduling and access to a BlueJeans virtual room on the date of your live event. Camp Yarnsie also provides free tutorials on the BlueJeans features and access to a practice room. 
  3. Camp Yarnsie provides a live webinar to provide vendors with step-by step instruction on how to set up your technology for your virtual presentation. The times/dates for this webinar are announced in advance and there are 3 opportunities to attend to support the variety of time zones we support. All vendors including instructors are highly encouraged to attend the live webinar. If you are unable to attend the live webinar you can pay to watch the on-demand digital recording of the webinar for a fee of $5.00 for a 48 hour digital rental.
  4. All (new and seasoned) vendors/instructors are assessed through a live tech test, which will be scheduled (no later than) approximately 1 week before your event. The purpose of this test is to make sure you can connect your devices, know how to access the virtual room, and test your equipment/transitions, etc. to make sure it is all running smoothly – just like you want it. We do not expect you to be perfect (although that would be fabulous), however; we do expect you (after going through our webinar, having access to live tech help, and other supportive checklists/how tos etc) to connect your devices and have a prepared, organized layout for your event. We know technology can have hiccups from time to time – we understand that. For this test the vendors are expected to:
    1. Be prepared to start before the start time. Don’t wait until our appointment time to start setting up your devices. At the appointment time we expect to arrive and see a vendor ready to present.
    2. Devices connected ready to go (per Camp Yarnsie’s live webinar and step by step directions)
    3. Software/programs/images/video clips are ready to go
    4. Presentation/workshop is ready to begin – exactly like the day of the live event. 
  5. Vendors: During the live tech test if a vendor exhibits difficulties (e.g. internet connection is low and/or unstable, etc.) during the live tech test and/or other concerns it may be determined at that time a pre-recorded sale and/or demonstration sessions will be the required. Due to the low bandwidth and the concerns about stability of connection there will be  no live BlueJeans room. Instead, attendees will attend/watch the presentation as it is streamed to Camp Yarnsie Facebook Group, Camp Yarnsie Facebook Page, and Camp Yarnsie YouTube Channel. The pre-recorded presentation will air as the live premiere video. 
  6. Instructors: During the live tech test if a instructor exhibits difficulties (e.g. internet connection is low and/or unstable, etc.) during the live tech test and/or other concerns are exhibited Camp Yarnsie will evaluate each situation independently. Depending upon the factors involved the instructor may be asked to pre-record the workshop in a webinar format. Camp Yarnsie also reserves the right to cancel the workshop due to the instructor’s lack of sufficient internet connection needed to maintain and provide quality video and audio instruction, etc. On the application form the vendor/instructor is asked to confirm they have the necessary internet capability to participate in the virtual fiber festival. Directions on how to check your internet upload speed are located here
  7. Pre-Recorded/Webinar Formatted Sessions: Vendors/instructors utilizing a pre-recorded live premiere demonstration/pop up shop/webinar style event must have the ability to upload their pre-recorded video to Dropbox, which is Camp Yarnsie’s preferred method. The video must be recorded in the best possible video resolution possible. Deadline to upload the video into Dropbox is 3 days prior to the event. The pre-recorded presentation will be launched by Camp Yarnsie precisely at the vendor’s appointed presentation time. Pre-recorded demonstration/pop up shop/webinar events are promoted as live video premiere and will air live via Facebook, YouTube, etc.  Vendors/instructors are required to attend and interact with the viewers in the chat during their Facebook Live/YouTube, etc. event. Vendors are responsible for answering real time viewer questions in the chat. 
  8. Click here to read Facebook’s Specifications for Live Video.

Virtual Booth & Workshop Rooms

  1. Vendors are required to pay the virtual booth fee. Speakers/instructors are required to pay the virtual room fee. Speakers/instructors pay dates are listed here. All fees are non-refundable. The virtual booth and room fees cover having a live Camp Yarnsie moderator present during your event, the creation marketing materials for your specific products/workshop, paid adds, the BlueJeans virtual room, the streaming services across Camp Yarnsie social media platforms (as appropriate per presentation/lecture/workshop type), ticketing/payment collection/attendee support. 
  2. A Camp Yarnsie room moderator will be present during all vendor and speaker/instructor sessions.
  3. Vendors and instructors are assigned a date/time for their sessions. You will receive the date(s)/time(s) once you have paid your virtual booth/virtual room fee. Vendors and instructors are required to attend their event and stay for the entire duration of their session.
  4. Vendors and instructors cannot trade, and/or sell their scheduled day. The Vendor Committee puts a great deal of planning and strategy into the vendor/instructor line-up and time assignments. 
  5. Vendor Virtual Booth includes 2 sessions, each lasting 1 hour (2 hours total). If you would like to add an hour of virtual pop up shop or demonstration time to your 2 hour total, a limited number of rooms are available during each festival for purchase.
    1. Virtual Pop Up Shop: 1 Hour session. Vendor provides a sales presentation to the live attendees. This is the time to show us your products.
    2. Product demonstration: 1 Hour session. Vendor demonstrates how to use the products, the use(s) for the product(s), and/or craft with the item, etc.  This is the time to show us how we can use your products, why we need your products, how your products make our live easier, etc. The product demonstration can include giveaways, special incentives to shoppers, fun events, etc. The virtual pop-up shop and the demonstration may or may not occur on the same day. 
  6. Virtual Workshop Room (for instructors) includes 2 hours of virtual event time in a live BlueJeans room. Camp Yarnsie handles the ticketing for your event.
  7. Virtual Webinar Lecture Room (for speakers/instructors) includes 1 hour of virtual event time. Camp Yarnsie handles the ticketing for your event.  If you would like to hold an additional lecture during the same festival, a limited number of virtual rooms are available for an additional fee.
  8. For Virtual Webinar Lecture Rooms to accommodate 100 to 199 attendee seats, an additional fee of $25.00 will be assessed. This fee provides you with the live support of 2 Camp Yarnsie moderators to attend your session and support you by communicating questions and answers through the chat feature, etc. Additionally, the fee accommodates the technology fee for the increased number of attendees. For lecture rooms to accommodate 200 to 299 attendee seats, an additional fee of $50.00 to provide 3 Camp Yarnsie room moderators to support your event, and technology fee for the increased number of attendees.
  9. Virtual Workshop Room: Instructors & Speakers Virtual Room Fee includes 30 minutes of live tech support, invitation to our live webinar training, a BlueJeans virtual meeting room, and a Camp Yarnsie moderator for your session. If the workshop is a multi-session event, there will be an additional room fee each additional session. Virtual room fees are listed here.
  10. The length of the virtual pop up shop session is 1 hour. The length of the product demonstration session is 1 hour. The length of the virtual workshop session is 2 hours. The length of the virtual webinar lecture session is 1 hour.
  11. Additional virtual pop up shop sessions for vendors may be purchased from our shop for an fee. These sessions are only available to vendors who are currently accepted to that particular festival date.
  12. International Sellers & Sellers Requesting Times Outside of Standard Business Hours: Camp Yarnsie will make every effort possible to accommodate time scheduling requests based upon your time zone and global location for international sellers. You can request a time outside of our standard business hours (10:00 am – 7:00 pm est February – September; 8:00 am –  8:00 pm est November) for your presentation/demonstration/workshop for an additional fee. To request this accommodation please click here to send a email request to our administration. You will have the option of either proceeding with a live event or with a streamed live premier video (pre-recorded event). 
  13. Instructional Materials: If you are providing a PDF handout for your workshop or event it must be e-mailed no later than 5 days prior to your session. Click here to email your pdf. A link to the pdf will be provided to students in your class though their website account.
  14. Homework and supply list information for workshops/lectures are submitted on the instructor application form. If you have any changes to this information, click here Camp Yarnsie a email. 

Event Procedures

  1. Instructors/speakers a PDF of your hand-out should be e-mailed to Camp Yarnsie ( no later than 4 days prior to your session. A link to the pdfs will be provided to students in your class though their website account.
  2. Virtual Fiber Festival is open from 10:00 am – 7:00 pm EST. We ask vendors and instructors/speakers to come prepared and begin getting ready to present 1 hour prior to the start time of your class. This allows for the set-up and testing of your equipment, so your class will begin on time.
  3. For ticketed events, Camp Yarnsie takes attendance 48 hours prior to the start of each paid to attend workshop and lecture. Classes with a roster less than 5 students will be handled on a case by case basis. Camp Yarnsie will contact the instructor to determine what is the best way to proceed. Your class may be canceled or if agreeable to Camp Yarnsie and the instructor, it may continue with a revised payment scale.
  4. Day of Event Check In Procedure: On the day of the event all vendors/instructors are required to check in 1 hour prior to your event time.
    1. 1 Hour prior to your event time all vendors/instructors will check with Camp Yarnsie by sending either a pm via Facebook or a text message. If you do not check in – we will find you by phone, email, etc. We all have been late once or twice in this life…sometimes alarms don’t go off, etc. However, we expect you to arrive on time and to use the 1 hour to connect your devices camera(s), computer, etc and have your items/products/workshop materials ready to start your session. Do not wait… If you need assistance with your tech, etc.. – this is the hour/time to ask – not during the first 10 minutes of your live event in front of attendees. 
    2. 30 Minutes Prior to Event Start Time: Vendors will enter the BlueJeans event room. Vendors are expected to arrive on time, prepared and ready to begin. 
    3. 20 Minutes Prior to Event Start Time: A Camp Yarnsie Event Moderator will conduct a quick tech check to make sure you are ready to go, review any procedures (if necessary), etc.
    4. 10 Minutes Prior to the Event Start Time: The virtual booth/room will open to all attendees (free or workshop ticketed). For ticketed events the moderator will take attendance as attendees enter the room. 
  5. All items sold are to be shipped in a timely manner. No moderator, administrator, volunteer, or employee of Yarnsie shall be held responsible for your sale as a vendor or lost product. 
  6. All sales are private treaty. It is the vendor’s responsibility to collect fees, including any sales taxes or fees required by their location. 
  7. Vendors will protect the personally identifiable information provided by customers by keeping exchanges of personal information to instant messaging. Failure to comply with this policy will result in removal of the vendor. Personally identifiable information includes: home addresses, credit card information, email addresses, etc. This information is not to be stored or shared in any way without the expressed consent of the customer. The vendor must have the permission of the customer to add their email address to your newsletter. Public posting is defined as posting or publishing the above information in the comments sections of videos in the after sale album or posts on the Yarnsie page.

Intellectual Property

Copyrighted Music

Yes, you can use copyrighted music if you just have to have the rights, permissions or license to that piece of music. You must provide this information when you submit your video. Facebook especially takes a strong stance on copyrighted music and if you upload a video that uses a track you don’t have the license for Facebook may mute all of the audio on the video and/or delete the video. Click here to read Facebook’s Guidelines for including music in video.

Unlicensed or Royalty Free Music

Similarly to copyrighted music you must provide the rights to this music, at the time of your video submission so Camp Yarnsie can included it within the video details. Make sure you are within the “rights” of the video (especially since you are using it in a video commercial for your business). Many royalty free or unlicensed music contains stipulations when used for the purpose of selling a product, etc. Check to make sure you are not violating someone else’s intellectual property rights. Click to view a great resource on music rights, how to check your music, and where to find music .

Additional Terms

  1. Camp Yarnsie pays instructors/speakers on a sliding scale that is based on the final number of registered students in the class.
  2. Camp Yarnsie Virtual Festival Events are scheduled to end on Sundays. Virtual speakers/instructors are paid 5 days after the event has concluded (on the Friday after the festival). Click here to see the pay day for each event.
  3. Any vendor who needs to cancel for any reason must contact administration immediately. Click here to contact us. All cancellation notices must be made via email. All fees are non-refundable. Your email request will be processed by Camp Yarnsie typically within 24 to 48 hours if received by Camp Yarnsie on Monday through Friday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm eastern; we do not process cancellation requests on Saturdays, Sundays, and on holidays. Once processed Camp Yarnsie will removed you from the Camp Yarnsie – Private Vendor Group. Access to the vendor website and access to all materials belonging to Camp Yarnsie (examples include but are not limited to free training materials, resources, workshops, images, marketing materials, and all intellectual property owned by Camp Yarnsie) will be revoked.
  4. All fees are non-refundable.
  5. Camp Yarnsie reserves the right to ask any vendor to leave Camp Yarnsie Virtual Craft Festival, Camp Yarnsie Private Vendor Group, Camp Yarnsie social media groups (examples include but are not limited to Instagram, Facebook, Facebook Page, Ravelry, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.), Camp Yarnsie website, and any/all Camp Yarnsie virtual rooms/events at any time for any reason including, but not limited to the following: if they violate these terms, if their products do not adhere to the rules and conditions above, refusal to attempt and/or comply with Camp Yarnsie procedures, and/or the quality of their presentation does not adhere to the format required by Camp Yarnsie.
  6. Do not share your vendor sign in and password information to anyone. Doing so results in the immediate termination from the Camp Yarnsie Virtual Fiber Festival, all vendor/instructor resources, and access as a vendor will be immediately revoked. Additionally, Camp Yarnsie may determine to seek damages for theft of intellectual property, training materials, and other services/products offered by Camp Yarnsie.
  7. By submitting a photo, video, or any other type of media to any Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or other social media site of Camp Yarnsie, you consent to the use of these materials by the Camp Yarnsie marketing team in promotional activities on behalf of Camp Yarnsie.
  8. Submission of an application shall be considered an agreement to all terms stated in this submission form and the Vendor Terms and Conditions Document and an indication of understanding Camp Yarnsie events are for business sales and promotion purposes.
  9. I agree to hold Camp Yarnsie, its administration, employees, and volunteers harmless and understand they simply offer me a platform for selling and/or teaching. No guarantees are made.

Vendor Terms & Conditions Updated 09-22-2021