Vendor Terms and Conditions

  1. It is the vendor’s responsibility to read the Vendor Terms and Conditions before submitting the application. By submitting your application, you are agreeing to these Vendor Terms and Conditions.
  2. Yarnsie and Camp Yarnsie are a supportive learning community run by staff and volunteers. Vendors, moderators, and administrators agree to respect, be respectful and listen to each other. 
  3. No political content is allowed, whether by speech, items, clothing and/or signs in videos and/or advertising. 
  4. The focus of Camp Yarnsie’s live event presentations are items related to the craft industry including (but not limited to finished products, materials, and or tools needed for crafting) knitting, crochet, spinning, bath and body, fashion, needlecraft, home decor, etc. This includes handcrafted items, which represent a unique and original style. Equipment or tools included in a kit , while these items may not be handmade are also included in our accepted categories.
  5. It is the sole responsibility of Vendor to comply with all intellectual property rights of third parties, including but not limited to any patent, trademark or copyright rights relating to any products or services offered by Vendor or materials used by Vendor. I understand that all items on display and for sale must be handcrafted and represent a unique and original style.
  6. Camp Yarnsie reserves the right to refuse items deemed inappropriate, at any time before or during the show.
  7. All vendors must agree to follow all Facebook rules. There are to be no animal sales or sales of hides, pelts or skins. Additionally, Facebook has a strong rule regarding no authorized use of licensed music in your presentations.  However, if you own the license for the song/music, or it is unlicensed (and appropriate credit is given in the description of your presentation) these are exceptions to that rule.

Application Process

  1. All vendors must apply for each individual show. This is a juried event and your acceptance is not guaranteed. The $20.00 application fee is non-refundable. 
  2. The Camp Yarnsie Vendor Application Committee reviews all applications. You will be notified of your status as either accepted, wait-listed, or declined. 
  3. If accepted, your $20.00 application fee will be applied as a credit towards your booth fee. The vendor invoice will be sent via PayPal to the email address indicated on the vendor’s application. Vendors have 48 hours to pay the booth fee. If booth fees are not paid within 48 hours and no communication has been received from the vendor regarding payment; Camp Yarnsie reserves the right to resend the vendor’s acceptance. The available spot will be offered to the wait-listed and previous vendors. The first to provide payment for that spot will secure that date for the event.
  4. Booth fees are used for live technology support, advertising and promoting the event for the benefit of all, maintenance of the website, social media platforms, and the Facebook Yarnsie community, the page and groups; and to pay for support staff. In order to pay for (paid) advertising ads to support your business and live staff members to support your technology needs, booth and application fees are non-refundable (as both people and businesses require payment for their services).
  5. If a vendor cancels before an event, no matter how close to the event, the wait-listed vendors and previous vendors will receive an email containing the date of the available vendor spot, and a link to the booth fee. The first vendor to complete the transaction secures that spot for the event.
  6. Wait-listed vendors, if not selected to participate as a vendor in one event, have the option to request their application roll over to the next event (limit of 1 time roll over request). These applications while they are given priority status; this does not guarantee acceptance for the next event.

Live Sales Presentations

  1. In order to participate in the Camp Yarnsie Virtual Craft Festival each vendor is required to have a laptop (or desktop computer), a mobile device (such as iphone, android, ipad, tablet, DSLR, web cam etc.) and WiFi connection.
  2. Each vendor is assigned a day during the week of the event. Priority is given to vendors with products the Camp Yarnsie community members have expressed interest in finding and/or learning more about, diversity of products, and returning vendors in good standing. The date assigned to a vendor is based upon the information provided on the vendor application. However, Camp Yarnsie cannot guarantee any particular assignment day to any particular vendor prior to the Vendor Application Committee meeting.
  3. On the day assigned to the vendor, the vendor is responsible for providing a sale presentation and a community activity. All vendors will be available on their scheduled day to host their event. Vendors cannot trade, and/or sell their scheduled day.
  4. The length of the sale presentation is no less than 30 minutes and no more than 1 hour.
  5. The length of the community activity is no less than 1 hour and no more than 4 hours. 
  6. The vendor is responsible for scheduling the specific times for the sale presentation and community activity on their assigned day. Camp Yarnsie will make every effort possible to accommodate requests based upon your time zone and global location for international sellers; however, if we do not have an a member of administration available at the time requested for your sale presentation we will inform you. You will have the option to either reschedule the time (for when an admin is available) or to proceed with a pre-recorded presentation option (in order to be available in the chat feature to answer questions, etc.).
  7. When payment confirmation for the booth fee has been received from Paypal, Camp Yarnsie will email the vendor instructions on how to access the Vendor Virtual Live Presentation Course. The vendor will log-in to the the website in order to access the course materials. The course materials include is a step-by-step guide to setting up the technology, how to create and design the presentation, how to access and request live tech support help, and how to sign-up for the vendor live tech test. 
  8. All first-time accepted vendors have a live technology test conducted within 10 calendar days of the acceptance notification email being sent. The purpose of the live tech test it to prove vendors have the technological and internet capability to host a live virtual meeting. If a vendor exhibits difficulties (e.g. WiFi connection is low and/or unstable, etc.) during the live tech test and/or other concerns it may be determined at that time a pre-recorded sale presentation will be the format required. The pre-recorded presentation will air as the live premiere of your sale presentation.
  9. All vendors will follow the check-in procedure on the day of the event.  Once the final tech check has occurred and approval given by the administration the vendor will set up and to start their feed 2 minutes before their presentation time. The vendor agrees to begin with an image of their logo and business name so viewers can easily find their video after the live video has aired. All vendors will end within 5 minutes of their scheduled end time. 
  10. Vendors requiring a pre-recorded sale video must have the ability to upload the video to Dropbox, which is Camp Yarnsie’s preferred method. The video must be recorded in the best possible video resolution possible. Deadline to upload the video into Dropbox is 48 hours prior to the event. The pre-recorded video will be uploaded to a scheduling software and launched precisely at the vendor’s appointed presentation time. Pre-recorded videos are promoted as a live video premiere of your presentation.  Vendors with a pre-recorded sale presentation will be in live in the chat feature, with the viewers. Vendors are responsible for answering viewer questions in real time via the chat feature. An admin will be present in the chat during the vendor’s event.

Vendor Sales

  1. All items sold are to be shipped in a timely manner. No moderator, administrator, volunteer, or employee of Yarnsie shall be held responsible for your sale as a vendor or lost product. 
  2. All sales are private treaty. It is the vendor’s responsibility to collect fees, including any sales taxes or fees required by their location. 
  3. Vendors will protect the personally identifiable information provided by customers by keeping exchanges of personal information to instant messaging. Failure to comply with this policy will result in removal of the vendor. Personally identifiable information includes: home addresses, credit card information, email addresses, etc. This information is not to be stored or shared in any way without the expressed consent of the customer. The vendor must have the permission of the customer to add their email address to your newsletter. Public posting is defined as posting or publishing the above information in the comments sections of videos in the after sale album or posts on the Yarnsie page.

Additional Terms

  1. Any vendor who needs to cancel for any reason must contact administration immediately. Click here to contact us. Due to the level of service, support, and instructional training materials the Camp Yarnsie staff provides application and booth fees are non-refundable. Additionally, at the time of your cancellation you will be removed from the Camp Yarnsie – Private Vendor Group and access to the Vendor Virtual Sales Presentation Course located through the the website will be revoked.
  2. Camp Yarnsie reserves the right to ask any vendor to leave Camp Yarnsie Virtual Craft Festival, Camp Yarnsie Private Vendor Group, and the Camp Yarnsie Campfire Group at any time for any reason including, but not limited to the following: if they violate these terms, if their products do not adhere to the rules and conditions above, refusal to attempt and/or comply with Camp Yarnsie procedures, and/or the quality of their presentation does not adhere to the format required by Camp Yarnsie.
  3. By submitting a photo, video, or any other type of media to any Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or other social media site of Camp Yarnsie, you consent to the use of these materials by the Camp Yarnsie marketing team in promotional activities on behalf of Camp Yarnsie.
  4. Submission of an application shall be considered an agreement to all terms stated in this submission form and the Vendor Terms and Conditions Document and an indication of understanding Camp Yarnsie events are for business sales and promotion purposes.
  5. I agree to hold Camp Yarnsie, its administration and employees harmless and understand they simply offer me a platform for selling. No guarantees are made.

Vendor Terms & Conditions Updated 08-12-2020