How does this work?

This is a juried event and acceptance is not guaranteed. Vendors submit their application and application fee before the application deadline. Our Vendor Application Team reviews the applications. Vendors are notified via email of their status (accepted, wait-listed, or declined). Application fees are non-refundable. If accepted your $20.00 application fee will be applied as a credit towards your total booth fee. If you do not pay your booth fee, your application fee will remain non-refundable.

What happens if I am accepted?

If accepted, an email notification will be sent to the email address provided on the application form. This email will include your assigned day. Additionally, at the same email address provided, you will receive a PayPal invoice from Camp Yarnsie for the booth fee. Vendors have 48 hours to pay the booth fee.  After Camp Yarnsie receives payment confirmation from PayPal – Camp Yarnsie will send instructions on how to log-in to the Virtual Vendors Live Sales Course. This provides the step-by-step procedures for assisting your with your technology, how to request live help, and how to host and execute your presentation for the festival. 

What happens if I am wait listed?

If wait listed, your status may change anytime up to the start time of the event. If a spot becomes available an email will be sent to all wait-listed and previous vendors. This email will contain the date of the available spot and the link for the booth payment. The first vendor to provide payment will secure the available spot. 

What if I am declined?

If declined, you will receive an email notification. Please note that our events we have a limited number of spots available within each category. This is to ensure each show has a wide variety of quality products to share with customers. If you do not get accepted to the first show you apply to, please try again.

Do you accept late applications?

No does not accept late applications. Its is recommended you apply when you receive notice that applications are now available for the next event. To get on the mailing list to be notified click here. 

What does the booth fee cover?

Booth fees will be used for advertising and promoting the event for the benefit of all in addition to the following:

  • Access to live technical support throughout the time leading up to and during your Facebook live presentation event. This includes live support staff during your live technology test and your presentation rehearsal.
  • Access to the Virtual Vendors Live Sales Presentation Course through the website. This is your step-by-step guide how to adjust your existing technology to optimal settings, how stream and host a live event, and how to create and design a presentation that reflects the quality of your products. This course includes all instructional materials including videos, checklists, examples, how to contact staff for live support questions, etc. This is the component that makes all Camp Yarnsie Vendors stand out from other virtual vendors – our vendors know how to effectively use technology to their benefit.
  • Administrator will be present during your Facebook Live presentation who will assist you in answering basic questions from the audience, provide direct links to your shop, your products and your social media platforms, etc.
  • Direct instruction on how to conduct a Facebook Live session, how to use your existing technology effectively, troubleshooting those malfunctions, building and then presenting a professional style presentation which fits your brand and conveys your brand’s message. 
  • Access to training materials including live instruction, videos, documents, checklists, and coaching support.
  • Paid advertising for your individual business and for the promotion of the event for the benefit of all,
  • Maintenance of the Camp Yarnsie website which contains information on your business, link to your Facebook Live presentation, and links to your shop, contact information and social media platforms.
  • Access to marketing across the Camp Yarnsie social media platforms, as well as the Camp Yarnsie – Private Vendor Group. 
  • One scheduled Facebook LIVE presentation session.This can be a live event or a live premiere of your presentation video. This is the sales presentation portion of the assigned day. This presentation is a minimum of 30 minutes and a maximum of 1 hour. Just like a traditional show you can share your creative process as a maker, show and sell your products. 
  • Video storage: Your presentation video will be stored in the Camp Yarnsie Facebook Group forever.
  • Public video access: Our mailing list subscribers, members of the Camp Yarnsie Facebook Group, and shoppers can watch your video any time, on any day, on any device that supports Facebook long after the  LIVE event has ended.
  • Access to the Facebook Camp Yarnsie Private Vendors Group.This is a safe, supportive place where you can ask questions, get support, and find updates on the event. You have access to this from the time you are accepted until the vendor graduation date, unless otherwise noted.
  • Promotional Features: Your business and products will be featured on our Website, in our Email Newsletters, on our Official Instagram Account, on our Camp Yarnsie Official Facebook Page, and in the Camp Yarnsie Official Facebook Group where the sale will take place.
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads: to promote the Camp Yarnsie Event as well as all of our Vendors.  When you share with your own audience, tag us @campyarnsie and we’ll share it with our accounts to boost your reach.
  • Yarnsie Website Vendor List: All of your information – business name, photo, description of your products, links to your website, and social media accounts, etc – will be listed in the website forever.
  • Camp Yarnsie Facebook Group Business Product Photo Album: This includes your business logo, photos of available items, and contact, website, and social media links. This information will be on the Camp Yarnsie Facebook Group forever and accessible to members of the event group.

What if I have never made a LIVE video on Facebook?

That’s okay! We will provide you with step-by-step support including tips and best practices for a live sale, and a safe place to practice and launch test videos in the Camp Yarnsie Private Vendor Group in Facebook. 

What if the thought of presenting a live video scares the ^&*& out of me?

That is also okay! You also have the option of presenting a recorded presentation as a live premiere video event. So it would be the live premiere of your pre-recorded presentation. Your video would be scheduled to run in your time slot during the event. Then you have the benefit of interacting with viewers live as they are watching your presentation in real time and are communicating via the chat feature by text.

Where does the Camp Yarnsie LIVE Event take place?

In the Camp Yarnsie – Virtual Craft Festival Facebook Group. Join this group to find out more about the Camp Yarnsie Festival.

What time zone are the Camp Yarnsie Events scheduled in?

Eastern Standard Time. All events are listed in EST. If you would like a handy quick reference chart – there is a time zone converter chart located in the files sections of the Camp Yarnsie Facebook Groups.

Do you accept international vendors?

Yes, Camp Yarnise accepts international vendors. We have had vendors from all over the globe including the United States, Canada, Australia, and South Africa. Predominantly our community members are located in the United States. However, we have a large number of community members located around the world including (but not limited to) the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Russia, South Africa, Peru, Australia, Norway, France, Mexico, Japan, etc. 

What is the Camp Yarnsie Private Vendor Information Group?

This is a private group – for vendors only. This is a safe and supporting group where you can get daily updates, find helpful information, and practice for your LIVE presentation. You are a member of this group from the time you are accepted as a vendor until your vendor graduation date, unless otherwise noted.

How long are the live sales presentations?

A minimum of 30 minutes to a maximum of 1 hour.

What can I showcase during my live presentation?

Any hand crafted (non-commercially produced) items related to spinning, knitting, crochet, felting and/or weaving. These include but are not limited to:

  • accessories (e.g. stitch markers, shawl cuffs, project bags, etc.)
  • gifts (themed jewelry, lotions, etc.)
  • hand dyed and/or hand spun yarn and fiber
  • hand knit or crochet accessories and/or clothing
  • handmade jewelry, home decor, gifts
  • handmade bath and beauty products
  • handmade journals and stationary
  • patterns
  • project kits 
  • tools
  • instructional classes
  • private lessons
  • finishing services

What is not allowed?

Any mass commercially produced items. In order to respect the trademark and vendor agreements for all businesses involved, spotlighting of third party commercially produced products during your presentation time is not allowed.

You want to buy my llama? I’ll alpaca that tomorrow…

Sorry, Facebook does not allow any animal sales or sales of hides, pelts, or skins. Spotlighting of such products during your presentation time will not be allowed. Fleeces are acceptable.

What is the sales format of this event?

During your Facebook LIVE event you will have your website, Etsy and/or Ravelry shop information displayed in the video comments. You will be able to direct customers to your individual website, Etsy shop, and/or Ravelry shop to purchase the items. 

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