June 21 - 27, 2021

GOAL THIS WEEK: Gauge Swatch

Topic: Yarn Selection

What yarn should I use for my project?

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Get inspired to combine yarn colors and textures. 

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Topic: Needle Selection

Selecting your needles is an important step in any pattern.

  1. Read through the pattern and observe how the garment is to be constructed. Is it knitted flat, in the round, etc. This will help you to select the best style (circular, DPNs, etc) of needle(s) you will need for this project.
  2. Look at the yarn you have selected for this project. Is the yarn slippery or sticky, wool or cotton, etc? What weight of yarn are you using for this project? Answering these questions will help you to select your knitting needle material (bamboo/wood, carbon, acrylic/plastic, metal, etc), which will work best for your project.

Topic: Gauge

Gauge swatching is an important part of any garment design.

Taking the time now can save unneeded frustration and hours of re-knitting.

unless frogging is your favorite thing “to do.”