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Yarn Road Trip Enamel Pin


On your travel adventures – where was the most memorable place you knitted or crocheted?

Carry with you a reminder of that special memory with this “Have Yarn Will Travel” enamel pin.

Pin it to your project or notions bag – show off your adventurous Yarnsie side!

This is the limited edition Camp Yarnsie Scout Pin #1.

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Every Yarnsie Scout knows….

When its time for a Roadtrip you can’t leave the house with only 1 ball of yarn…you have to atleast take 3 (or a multiple there of) right?!?

This 1 inch enamel pin makes a cute addition to any project tote and/or zipper tool pouch.

Pin #1 in the camp Yarnsie collection. Available for a limited time only. 


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