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Creative Think Tank


This service is available ONLY to CURRENT VENDORS for our upcoming Virtual Fiber Festival – Holiday Camp November 25-28, 2021.

Are you struggling with how to format your virtual presentation? Are you stuck on trying to find new and creative ways to engage your audience? Are you fresh out of artistic mojo? Need some ideas for new products?

Let’s pump up your fiber arts jam with a LIVE Creative Think Tank Room Session with Lindsay Lichtenstein.

This meeting will occur in a BlueJeans Virtual Room. For the time selected I will pitch you ideas – some you may like, some you may not, and others you will LOVE. I have reviewed 2+ years and hours (and HOURS) of  virtual presentation footage…I have seen the Good, definitely the Confused, and way too many in the “bless their hearts” category.

Its is incredibly difficult to share the perspective of the vendor and the viewer at the same time. Get a fresh perspective from the outside.

This is not a session to learn how to create, how to live stream, or how to record a presentation. If you need assistance in these areas please click here for our Virtual Vendor Camp Course.

Please select a time at least 24 to 48 hours ahead of the current day and time. If you make a purchase for the same day – for example – today is Wednesday and I purchase a session for a Wednesday, your session will be scheduled for next Wednesday.

Once purchased, you will receive a BlueJeans Meeting invitation for this session. Please be prepared to accept or decline the meeting invitation. If you accept the meeting invitation, we will see you soon! If you decline the invitation please provide an email to hello@yarnsie.com with suggesting meeting dates and times. Please be respectful of my time, if you need to cancel your appointment provide 12 hours notice. Appointments which are no-show will not be rescheduled without payment for a new session.

If your session goes over your selected time duration, you will be asked if you would like to continue the current meeting by purchasing an additional minutes. Payment is non-refundable.


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