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Mystery Spin Along Fiber



How Does this Work?

Answer a few fun questions and we will blend some custom fiber up JUST FOR YOU!

You tell us how you want your fiber to arrive. Options include:

  • Trail Mix (an assortment of fiber and mixins for those who like to blend their own fibery mixes into rolags, batts, roving, etc.)
  • Fiber Snacks (that is what we call rolags around here)
  • Sleeping Batt (that is what we call art batts).

Want your fiber to remain a mystery until we meet to spin along together? To help you fight the temptation to peek…Your fiber will arrived gift wrapped. If you open your fiber before the event – have no fear its not like cheating on a diet (but the Elf on the Shelf knows!).

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When will I get my fiber?

Your fiber will ship within 24 to 48 hours of payment. Please order by the 13th of November to increase the likelihood of delivery before the Mystery Spin Along event.

When do we meet virtually and spin together?

Sunday, November 28th @ 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm eastern

Bring your spindle, charkha, wheel, or e-spinner and let’s spin our mystery fiber together! We will spin together in a BlueJeans Virtual Room.

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