fiber art batt for handspinning

Mini Art Batt - Directions to Grandma's House


In any good campfire story…people were always getting lost going to Grandma’s House. Perhaps they should have printed the directions (or written them down). It seems like no one visited grandma for a reason…

Our Mini Art Batts perfect for when you just want a smidgen of this & that.

Colors: Green 19.5 micron merino, lavender camel & silk blend, white seacell, and a pinch of burgundy bfl.

Fiber Ingredients: 50% green 19.5 micron merino, 45% lavender camel & silk blend, and 5% white finn wool.

Weight 1.2 oz

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green purple wool silk blend

Mini Art Batt - Directions to Grandma's House

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