green purple fiber art batt

Mini Art Batt - Damsel in Distress


In any good campfire story there is always a damsel in distress.

Our Mini Art Batts perfect for when you just want a smidgen of this & that.

Colors: Green 19.5 micron merino, lavender camel & silk blend, white seacell, and a pinch of burgundy bfl.

Fiber Ingredients: 19.5 micron merino 50%, camel & silk blend 44%, seacell, 5% and bfl <1%

Weight 1.1 oz

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luxury fiber

All of the fiber and materials for this item have been sourced from

artisans, small farms, and small businesses. 

As with any natural fibers, which have been cleaned and processed, you may find a small bit of vegetative material.

Mini Art Batt - Damsel in Distress

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