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Yard Flamingo Rolags


Inspired by the classic summer yard décor…Flamingos.

Colors: Shades of dark pink, silver and copper sparkle, and subtle slivers of silky blush, navy and celery colors.

Fiber Ingredients: Coopworth, Merino, Mulberry Silk, Angelina, Viscose

Hand pulled set of 5 rolags

Weight: 1.3 oz.

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All of the fiber and materials for this item have been sourced from artisans, small farms, and small businesses. 


  • 50% Coopworth
  • 30% Merino
  • 10% Mulberry Silk
  • 5% Viscose
  • 5% Angelina

As with any natural fibers, which have been cleaned and processed, you may find a small bit of vegetative material.

Yard Flamingo Rolags