• Sailor Electric Spinning Wheel Luggage Travel bag
  • Sailor Electric Spinning Wheel Luggage Travel bag
  • Sailor Electric Spinning Wheel Luggage Travel bag
  • Sailor Electric Spinning Wheel Luggage Travel bag
  • Sailor Electric Spinning Wheel Luggage Travel bag
  • Sailor Electric Spinning Wheel Luggage Travel bag

Electric Spinning Wheel Travel Bag


Style: Teal Sailor

This bag for your electric spinning wheel has been DESIGNED and MADE for electric wheels by people who spin with espinners.

Perfect for a weekend trip and/or for organize your electric wheel at home by protecting your investment for years to come (those wheels aren’t cheap!).

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All seams are fully enclosed.

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Fabric Swatches

Exterior & Interior Fabric:
Teal Canvas
Exterior & Interior Fabric:
Interior Fabric:

Interior Features & Organizers Include:

  • Interior Bottom: Espinner Stabilization Board with quick release snap. Top features sailor fabric with teal canvas bottom.
  • Interior Back Panel: Zippered Pocket. Store your spinners tools such as control cards, WPI, oil, etc.
  • Interior Fabric: Sailor fabric side panels and flap. Teal canvas front panel. Paisley fabric back panel.

Exterior Features Include:

  • Exterior Fabric: Teal flap, back panel, and side panels. Sailor print fabric front panel.
  • Exterior Side Piping Color: Red
  • Exterior Zipper: Black with silver metallic
  • Hardware: Molded plastic d rings with webbed canvas detail.
  • Handles: Black vegan pleather handles
  • Shoulder Strap: Adjustable black nylon shoulder strap approximately 1.4 inches wide. Can be worn over the shoulder or crossbody style.
  • Protection: 4 Layers of supportive interfacing. This is not a warrantee or a guarantee that nothing will ever happen to your electric spinning wheel (we can’t protect against all elements). However, when compared to flapping in the breeze…personally, I would prefer to take the safer padded approach.
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The following wheels will fit inside this bag:

  • Ashford: Espinner 3
  • Dreaming Robots: EEW 6.0, Nano
  • HansenCrafts: Classic & Pro Spinners
  • Woolee Ann
  • Daedalus: Falcon, Sparrow, Starling V3, Starling XL, Starling V1/V2

This bag fits medium sized espinning wheels. Large sized espinners such as the Ashford Jumbo, Spinolution Firefly, Daedulus Magpie/Blackbird etc. will not fit in this bag. If you own one of these espinners – join our mailing list to get updates… COMING SOON LATE 2022/EARLY 2023 – rolling luggage espinner bag to fit large sized ewheels.

Take measurements of your wheel and email me: hello@yarnsie.com, subject line: Measurement Question. I would be happy to take a look at your dimensions and see if we have an option that will fit your wheel. I will need the length of your wheel, width of your wheel (including flyer), and height of your wheel (including flyer).

Once you place your order, your order will be added to my waiting list of orders to complete. I complete orders in the number in which they were received (meaning first come, first served).

Estimated shipping date is 3 to 4 weeks. Time is determined by the number of orders currently on the wait list. I tend to give longer than needed estimates just in case life happens or random acts of nature, etc.

When empty, this travel bag weighs approximately 1.6 lbs. When packed for shipping (including packing materials, box, and bag) the entire box weighs 2.11 lbs

If a picture is worth a thousand words…

YES!!! This bag fits perfectly under the seat in front of you on an airplane.


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