Fiber Hand Spinning BFL Art Batt

Chocolate Chip Batt


Get your chocolate chip cookie dough fix with this fat free fiber art batt.

Colors: Natural white, caramel, mocha, and grey.

Fiber Ingredients: Targhee (50%), Alpaca (40%), Wensleydale Locks (3%), Natural Red Kid Mohair Locks (3%), Natural White and Grey BFL & Gotland Locks (4%)

Weight: 1.8 Ounce/51 Grams

Availability: In stock

All of the fiber and materials for this item have been sourced from

artisans, small farms, and small businesses. 

Chocolate Chip Fiber Art Batt

As with any natural fibers, which have been cleaned and processed, you may find a small bit of vegetative material.

Chocolate Chip Batt

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