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The Foundation of Our Mission

Camp Yarnsie was founded as the COVID-19 pandemic swept across the world in 2020.

We knew that the artisan craft world would never be the same.

Since March 2020, we have continued to watch in horror and sadness as large craft festivals and shows across the globe continue to be postponed or outright canceled. We have felt the deep loss our fellow artists and crafting enthusiasts feel. From the lovers of all things crafty to incredibly skilled artisan makers we look forward to these types of festivals. It is where we gather to catch up with friends, learn new skills, and continue passing the art of handmade to  enthusiasts young and old. Feeling a huge sense of uncertainty we are left with questions “Are festivals like these now a tradition of the past? Are we ever going to be able to find our favorite yarn dyer or handmade jewelry artist again?”

Currently, there are thousands of small businesses, artists, farms, and makers of all varieties desperately seeking alternatives to make up the income they need to stay afloat. While many virtual online events and shows have recently been launched, they are lacking the support these vendors need to make the transition from in-person live events to the virtual festival space. Long gone are the days when making any video for your product will do. Today’s virtual events viewers require presentations with clear, high resolution video, crisp audio with zero background interference, and the use of technology within the presentation itself. We developed Camp Yarnsie with the needs of our vendors in mind. Booth fees cover live technology support and training, resources for developing a high quality presentation, and paid marketing ads for individual businesses. When vendors leave Camp Yarnsie they are confident and prepared to present their presentation at any virtual event -no matter what the platform is. 

In the Camp Yarnsie community we all share one common love – a love of all things yarn and needle craft related – and one common bond – friendship. We proudly call ourselves “Yarnsies” in this community, which stands for yarn + besties. It is our pure joy to bring together enthusiastic yarn and needle crafting fans with the most beautiful yarns, tools, designers, and talented teachers the world has to offer. Each festival is tailored to the suggestions and requests received by our community. We bring together not only the makers and the clients; more importantly we bring together the teachers and the students. Virtually we have found the way to continue to bring the joy of handmade crafting to the online space. Future generations, like that of my daughter, will continue to experience, share their knowledge, and pass on the joys of all things crafty.

Bring your needles, hooks, looms, and spinning spindles or wheels and join us in the Camp Yarnsie Virtual Craft Festival Facebook Group. If you forget your yarn – don’t worry – we have skein it and know where to find that illusive indie artisan dyer stash.

❤️ WELCOME HOME YARNSIE! ❤️  Once a Yarnsie, Always a Yarnsie  ❤️

Lindsay C. Lichtenstein, Founding Director of Camp Yarnsie & Knitting Strong Since 2003.

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