Travel Like NEVER before
getaway with your electric wheel

Electric Spinning Wheel Travel Bags

Travel Bag Pictured features green duck canvas with leopard fabric. Picture taken in Kansas City International Airport, MO. Other equipment shown: Ashford Espinner 3 shown with LWS Autowinder Flyer.

The ONLY ESPINNER TRAVEL BAG made with YOUR spinning needs in mind

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Carry On Luggage Size
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Let's face it...

1. Find a bag that FITS your electric spinning wheel like a glove.

2. Perfect size for daily commutes and/or weekend trips.

3. Bag must have style with a fabric I LOVE

4. Organizer options to fit your spinning and travel needs

5. Protection from dust and a lil’ padding to protect your espinner well – um – from you and life lol.


Organizing, Travel & Storage Solutions

Store your fiber, tools, and or other goodies on the go! Here are some examples of the optional interior organizers you can order.

Espinner Stabilizer Board
All bags come with a stabilizing board to support the base of your espinner.
Cord & Tool Organizer
Slide in your Niddy Noddy, fiber, WPI gauge,
cords, and more!
Cord Organizer
Zippered Pocket Flap
Zippered Pocket Flap
Store your fiber, spinners control cards, WPI tools, etc.
Keep Cords Organized
Slip pocket for your battery packs, flyers,
cords, foot pedals, etc.
Zippered Back Pocket
Bobbin Organizer
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Fabric Options

Sample Espinner Travel Bags

Khaki Canvas +
Picnic Cotton Fabric
Charcoal Canvas
+ Leopard Fabric
Rose Canvas
Black Canvas +
Designer Fabric
Black Canvas
Teal Canvas +
Sailor Fabric
Rose Canvas +
Leopard Fabric
Teal Canvas +
Leopard Fabric
Green Canvas +
Leopard Fabric
Green Canvas
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I offer a variety of hardware and zipper options to customize the bag to fit your style.

All bags come with either canvas or vegan pleather handles, shoulder straps adjustable to 52″ (just incase you would like to carry it crossbody style), and piping on the side panels.

If adding a cotton fabric to a exterior panel you must select a canvas fabric as your interior panel. For example: If I select the sailor fabric as my exterior lid fabric, I will need to select one of the solid color canvas fabrics for my interior lid fabric.


Canvas Fabrics

Exterior and/or interior canvas fabric colors options:

*Camp Life (pictured below in the cotton fabrics) is a cotton canvas fabric, and one of our canvas fabric options.

Cotton Fabrics

Exterior and/or interior cotton fabric options:

How to Order

How do I place a order for a bag?

How long will it take until I receive my custom bag?

Current wait time is approximately 3 to 4 weeks.

Need your bag sooner? Email us to see if a rush order will fit your needs. There is a $75.00 fee for rush orders.

How Much is that Bag in the Window?

Pricing depends on the fabric you select, interior organization options, hardware, handles, shoulder straps, etc. 


  1. Ready to Ship (these range in price).
  2. Made to Order (you select from a list of bags with preselected fabrics and organizer options).
  3. Custom Order (get it YOUR way).

Price Range:

  • Made to Order Plain Jane – budget friendly base model bags pricing starts at $125 plus shipping.
  • Made to Order – Moderately outfitted bags average in price from $150 to $200.
  • Made to Order – Deluxe packages range from $200 to $250.
  • Custom order bags start at $250.00.

Currently I am sold out of the Ready to Ship options. When available, I will send an email to my emailing list subscribers to alert them a ready to ship bag is available (so they get first dibs) and then post on social media.

Quick Questions

What size Espinner will fit in this bag?

The following wheels will fit inside this bag:

  • Ashford: Espinner 3
  • Dreaming Robots: EEW 6.0, Nano
  • HansenCrafts: Mini & Pro Spinners
  • Woolee Ann
  • Daedalus: Falcon, Sparrow, Starling V3, Starling XL, Starling V1/V2

This bag fits medium sized espinning wheels. Large sized espinners such as the Ashford Jumbo, Spinolution Firefly, Daedulus Magpie/Blackbird etc. will not fit in this bag. If you own one of these espinners – join our mailing list to get updates… COMING SOON LATE 2022/EARLY 2023 – rolling luggage espinner bag to fit large sized ewheels

What if my espinner is not on the list above?

Take measurements of your wheel and email me:, subject line: Measurement Question. I would be happy to take a look at your dimensions and see if we have an option that will fit your wheel.

Does this bag fit TSA Guidelines for a Carry On Bag?

If a picture is worth a thousand words…

YES!!! This bag fits perfectly under the seat in front of you on an airplane.

Besides my electric spinning wheel - What other items will fit in this bag?

Click here to see what I packed into my Espinner Travel Bag.


I’m not only the spokewoman…I’m also a customer. 

This bag is tried and true! Plyaway 2022…I packed this pack for its final test. Kinda like the Olympic trials for this bag – would it make it or break it? Oh, to kill a great story – this bag MADE it and THEN some! This (and myself) traveled from Hartsfield Jackson Airport (that’s Atlanta ya’ll!) to Kansas City International Airport in Kansas City, MO. It went through TSA like a champ. No searching or questioning required. (Note: I put my wheel oil in my checked bag). I used my rolling carry-on bag handle – and slid the handle through the fabric adapter on the back of my Espinner Travel Bag. Voila! My Espinner Travel Bag rested comfortably on my carry-on rolling back from TSA to the gate. Once aboard the plane I stowed my rolling luggage bag in the over head bin and my Espinner Travel Bag fit perfectly under the seat in front of me. Yes, I did spin in the airplane on the way to the event.

Fast foward – I carried my bag to my classes at Plyaway. I used the shoulder strap as a traditional shoulder strap and also occasionally as a cross body strap. It was easy to find my tools, get setup quickly, etc. Loved it! No more digging for cords, finding random tools, etc. Everything has a neat tidy home.

Fast Forward #2: Heading home was a breeze. I stowed my Espinner Travel Bag under the airplane seat in front of me (containing 2 issues of Ply Magazine I just purchased at the event) and my rolling luggage bag in the overhead bin. Once I reached Atlanta it was easy to manage the 3 bags by myself as I was able to attach my smaller rolling bag and Espinner Travel Bag to my Big Bertha rolling luggage bag (you always have to have space for some goodies to bring home right?!?)

Have Questions? Ask me! Email

Once a Yarnsie, Always a Yarnsie

Lindsay C. Lichtenstein

This is what I packed into my Espinner Travel Bag for Plyaway 2022 (I took 4, all day classes @ Plyaway).

  • Ashford Espinner 3
  • 2 flyers (the standard factory flyer and LWS Autowinder flyer)
  • 2 jumbo sized bobbins with brake band
  • 2 standard sized bobbins with brake band
  • extension cord
  • battery (with charging plug/cord)
  • ac adapter/wall plug
  • foot pedal
  • Ashford 3 bobbin lazy kate (compacts down to lay flat)
  • fold up scissors
  • 4 oz fiber braid (Circus),
  • travel sized niddy noddy (Bosworth Spindles, 1 yard niddy noddy)
  • spinners control card (Wild Stitchers)
  • toothbrush (to find fly away ends on a bobbin)

Um..only the kitchen sick and then some…so this is probably not your average weekend trip packing list; however, it was perfect for the classes I was taking (4 days) at Plyaway.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Click to view our website polices for cancellations and refunds.