Campfire Groups


unite us together as a community

Together we share in and celebrate the yarn crafts we love. On a weekly basis we meet up with new faces and also catch up with old friends. Inspiration and creativity are fostered in learning from each other. When you are stuck on that difficulty project you are determined to finish – there is always someone who will volunteer to help you out. Whether you are an adult beginner or an advanced crafting ninja there is something for everyone here. We understand the need for both global and local awareness of the importance of supporting small business owners and, and knitting or crocheting for a cause types of projects. No matter where you are, no matter who you are…

Once a Yarnsie, Always a Yarnsie – Welcome Home.

Camp Yarnsie hosts a range of crafting specialties including: knitting, crocheting,fiber spinning, weaving, felting, etc.

Knitting Crochet Weaving Spinning Felting Classes

Here are some examples of the types of Campfire Groups Camp Yarnsie hosts:

  • Skill level classes (from beginner through advanced)
  • Open project nights
  • Specific skill/technique classes
  • Kit classes
  • Demonstrations
  • Virtual Field Trips
  • Tips & Tricks Classes
  • Knit/Crochet/Spin-A-Long Projects
  • Crafting for a Cause
  • Christmas Gifts
  • Free and paid classes

We are not limited by the type of craft –

Only by the limits of our imagination.


We Need You!

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Do you teach private lessons?

Looking to pick up a few private students for crochet, knit, spinning, and or weaving lessons?

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Do you teach a class, workshop, lecture or demonstration?

Do you have experience teaching knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning, and/or other crafting classes?

Camp Yarnsie is looking for you!

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