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Virtual Speakers & Instructors


We are looking for speakers and instructors to:

  • Teach workshops in the areas of knitting, crochet, weaving, spinning, etc
  • Provide demonstrations of tools and/or skill techniques.
  • Lecture on topics related to yarn crafts (such as events in the fiber/textile arts community, history of crafting, etc.).

Classes should teach a skill, technique or project. Attendees should come away with a swatch, sample, and/or handout to show what they covered in the class.

Your Adventure as a Virtual Speaker Awaits!

Get Ready! Let's make sure you have the basic tech devices you will need to participate in Camp Yarnsie's Virtual Fiber Festival.


Camp Yarnsie offers two LIVE instructional formats:

  • Workshop: Where you see and hear the attendees, and the attendees can hear and see you. You can mute/unmute the attendees as needed, etc. A Camp Yarnsie Moderator will be present to supervise the chat,  support the instructor by conveying questions from chat and assist with muting/unmuting participants as necessary.
  • Lecture. A 1 webinar format where the attendees can hear and see you; however, you cannot see or hear the attendees. Communicate from the attendees is provided through the chat feature. A Camp Yarnsie Moderator will be present to supervise the chat and support the lecturer by conveying questions from the audience.

All Live Workshops are a 2 hour commitment and all webinar lectures are a 1 hour commitment; spanning from 9:00 am to 9 pm EST. If your workshop is longer than 2 hours or your webinar lecture is longer than 1 hour, please indicate the duration of your session on your application form, and arrangements can be made.

If accepted, you will receive a notification email and a PayPal invoice for your virtual room fee. You have 48 hours to pay your virtual room fee. The virtual room fee of $30.00 includes 30 minutes of live tech support, invitation to our live webinar training, a BlueJeans virtual meeting room with a Camp Yarnsie moderator for your session.

Once payment has been received, you will receive a email containing your assigned date/time for your workshop or lecture session, dates for the live tech webinar, and other important information.

Camp Yarnsie uses BlueJeans by Verizon, which is a video conferencing platform similar to Zoom, for all virtual speaker events. For more information on BlueJeans click here.

You have the knowledge + we have the community

Let’s support the love of the fiber arts together