Are You Ready To…

Reach a wider audience?

Share your unique offerings with like-minded craft enthusiasts?

Do you...

  1. Have a business website, Etsy shop, and/or Ravelry shop?
  2. Have laptop or desktop computer?
  3. Have a mobile device (i.e., iphone, android, gopro, ipad, etc.) or DSLR camera?
  4. Have a WiFi connection?
  5. Sell any of the following non-commercially produced items related to crafting (i.e., knitting, crochet, spinning, felting, weaving, etc.)? Or do you sell any of the following handmade artisan quality items?
    • Craft Kits (DIY hobby kits)
    • Craft Materials (ex. yarn, fiber, etc.)
    • Craft Pattern Designer (ex. needlepoint, crochet, knitting, sewing, etc.
    • Craft Project Accessories & Tools (ex. bags, bowls, stitch markers, spindles, etc.)
    • Handmade Bath & Beauty Products
    • Handmade Ceramics & Pottery Products
    • Handmade Fashion Clothing & Accessories
    • Handmade Fine Art
    • Handmade Home Decor Products
    • Handmade Jewelry & Accessories
    • Instructional Classes/Crafting Lessons 
    • Finishing services (ex. blocking, seaming, etc.)

If you answered YES to these questions click here to apply.

Remaining Festival Dates for 2020 are now available

Camp Yarnsie Virtual Vendor Benefits

You Are the Featured Vendor – For an Entire Day

During the week of the Camp Yarnsie Virtual Craft Festival each vendor is assigned a specific day. ONLY 1 VENDOR presents PER DAY during the week of the festival. That means you and your business are showcased solo for an entire day. During the assigned day you will present two events. The first event is your sale presentation. The second event is hosting an activity in the Camp Yarnsie Virtual Craft Festival community, which provides the opportunity for you to engage in directly and provide virtual face to face interaction with our community members. 

Direct Technology and Presentation Support From Live Staff Members – Who understand the technology behind the software and are available to assist you when you need it.

If you are looking to give your first virtual presentation or polish your existing presentation all of our vendors are provided with access to our Vendor Virtual Live Sale Presentation Course. This is the course elevates you from average to our Signature Camp Yarnsie Vendor status. Our vendors present in a league of their own. After Camp Yarnsie Virtual Craft Festival they are able to adapt their virtual presentations to meet the needs of any online or virtual show event with confidence (and it shows – we are beyond proud of our seasoned vendors). 

The vendor course provides step-by-step support on how to set-up your existing technology utilizing optimal custom settings, how to creatively design and host an effective virtual presentation, how to request live tech support from our staff, and a library full of options, sources, and creative juice to give your presentation that polished, finished look in the best quality video resolution possible.


Marketing and Social Media Support Including Paid Advertisements For Your Business

During the weeks leading up to Camp Yarnsie, your business and products will be featured on our Website, in our Email Newsletters, on our Official Instagram Account, on our Official Facebook Page, and in the Official Facebook Group where the event will take place!  We want the attendees to get to know each of you, so we can build their trust in you as a vendor.  

Camp Yarnsie runs Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook paid advertisements to promote your individual business as well as to promote the Camp Yarnsie event to benefit all vendors.  When you share with your own audience, tag us @campyarnsie and we’ll share it with our accounts to boost your reach!

All of your information – business name, photo, description of your products, links to your website, and social media accounts, etc -is listed on this website in the Vendor List forever. We also provide vendors sorted by categories for easy reference for our community to find you and locate your videos in our Facebook Camp Yarnsie Virtual Craft Festival Group. 


Access to Facebook Private Vendors Only Support Group

You will have access to the Facebook Camp Yarnsie – Private Vendor Group. This is a safe, supportive place where you can ask questions, get live tech support, find event updates, and get support to build a high quality presentation. We support all levels of vendors – from those who have established YouTube channels that are trying to learn more about Facebook Live – to those who have participated in a virtual event or live video before. If you have the technology we will support you every step of the way. You will be amazed at how far you have come with approximately 3 weeks of coaching, tech support, and a wide variety of instructional materials at your fingertips. 

Vendor Requirements

Based upon the feedback of our community members we have adjusted our schedule to allow for more interaction between our community and the vendors. Each vendor is assigned a specific day during the festival week. Booth fees are scaled based upon the days of the week. Only 1 vendor presents on that particular day – it is your day and no one will present during that day.

  1. Sales Presentation. Each vendor will make their Camp Yarnsie virtual sales presentation during their assigned day.
    1. The sales presentation is a minimum of 30 minutes and no longer than 60 minutes.
    2. The vendor will determine what time the sales presentation will occur on the assigned day. The vendor is responsible for notifying the show coordinator of the selected time for the presentation 7 days prior to the assigned day.
    3. The sales presentation will air as a Facebook Live event. The vendor has the option of airing a live premiere video or presenting live. If aired as a live premiere video the vendor will participate either within the chat to answer questions via text response, or participate live  watching the presentation live with viewers through Facebook Rooms (this is a way you can interact during your sales presentation without interrupting your flow as a presenter, you can add additional information, show examples, etc.).
  2. Community Engagement/Activity: During the assigned day the vendor will also host a community activity for the members. The community has requested the opportunity to get to know the vendors. They are curious as to how and/or why you started your business, what inspires you, how do you create, etc. Essentially, they are seeking the interaction we typically receive and/or partake in at in-person events.
    1. The activity is at minimum 1 hour and a maximum of 4 hours.
    2. It is up to the vendor to decide what activity, when they would like to schedule that activity to begin, and how long they would like to host that activity during their assigned day. Activities may include (but are not limited) the following examples:
      1. Demonstrating a skill (knitting, crochet, spinning, weaving, dying, felting, cooking, decorating, flower arranging, fashion styling etc.). If you design patterns perhaps offering a free pattern to the first 10 people who arrive for your activity time with yarn, etc. will get the pattern for free and you will guide them on how to start the pattern, etc. 
      2. Mix and mingle time (happy hour trivia with a few giveaway prizes, etc). Open crafting time (knit, crochet, spin, felt, weave, etc.) – bring your projects and come hang out for coffee shop talk, etc.
      3. Show (fashion show, decorating, how to use a product, tour of your farm, studio and/or work space etc.). The possibilities are endless.

The flexibility in the schedule provides both the vendor and our community members with multiple ways and times with which they can participate and interact with the vendor. 

How Does this Work?

Our Vendor Application Team reviews all of the submitted applications. The application team is composed of both admin and members from the Camp Yarnsie Facebook Community. This is a juried event and your acceptance is not guaranteed. The application fee of $20.00 is non-refundable. If accepted your $20.00 application fee will be applied as a credit towards your booth fee.

Application Status

Email notifications will be sent  on the dates listed in the chart above to the email address provided on the vendor application form. The purpose of the email notifications are to inform you of your application status as one of the following: accepted, wait-listed or declined. If accepted, you will receive an additional email from PayPal containing the invoice for your booth fee. Vendors have 48 hours to pay their booth fee before it will be assigned to a wait-listed or seasoned vendor.

Booth Fees

Booth fees cover the following vendor services:

  1. Booth fees are located in the Vendor Application – in the Festival Event Date section. Booth fees dependent upon the day of the week selected. You have your choice of selecting a particular day of the week and/or selecting first available (requesting first available may increase your chances of being accepted for an event, as it is much easier to place a vendor where they would benefit). If accepted you will receive a PayPal invoice for the booth fee.
  2. This is your opportunity to create a virtual presentation that reflects the quality of your product in a format that shows your style as the creator and maker. You will have access to Camp Yarnise Virtual Presentation Course available through this website. You can move at your own pace through this course which will guide you on how to set-up the technology behind, and how to customize your virtual presentation. This course is very helpful for those that either wish to refine their current online presentation and also wonderful for first time online presenters as well. There are instructional materials available for first time virtual presenters to walk you through the process step by step as well as live technology support is included. Experienced virtual presenters will find support on how to increase the effective use of their existing technology (i.e., video quality, audio quality) and adding design or style elements within their current presentation formats.
  3. Live technical support throughout the time leading up to and during your Facebook live presentation event. This includes live support staff during your live technology test and your presentation rehearsal.
  4. You will have an administrator present during your Facebook Live presentation who will assist you in answering basic questions from the audience, provide direct links to your shop, your products and your social media platforms, etc.
  5. Instruction on how to conduct a Facebook Live session, how to use your existing technology effectively, troubleshooting those malfunctions, building and then presenting a professional style presentation which fits your brand and conveys your brand’s message. 
  6. Access to training materials including live instruction, videos, documents, checklists, and coaching support.
  7. Paid advertising for your individual business and for the promotion of the event for the benefit of all,
  8. Maintenance of the Camp Yarnsie website which contains information on your business, link to your Facebook Live presentation, and links to your shop, contact information and social media platforms.
  9. Maintenance of the Camp Yarnsie social media platforms for marketing purposes, as well as the Camp Yarnsie – Private Vendor Group. 

Please read the full Vendor Terms and Conditions located here.


Become a Vendor

Festival Dates

Camp Yarnsie Gives You What Other Virtual Festivals & Events Forget About...

What you truly need in order to be successful as a Virtual Vendor is Live Technology Support and Instructional Training for your Presentation

As a vendor you have access to live technical support throughout the time leading up to and during your Facebook live presentation event. This includes live support staff during your live technology test and your presentation rehearsal.

Vendors have an administrator present during their Facebook Live presentation. This administrator works with you –  answering basic questions from the audience, providing direct links to your shop for each item referenced/shown (as appropriate), and provides the links to your social media platforms, and other contact information. What other events do not tell you is with Facebook Live your words are 38 second ahead of what the viewer is seeing. That can be a hard gap to cross to communicate with your viewers without having someone to support you from the viewer’s side.

We provide our vendors with detailed instruction on how to conduct a Facebook Live session – effectively. Not just show you how to launch the window – we show you how to get the best image quality, best audio quality, how to integrate professional business supports into your presentation. If you have quality products, then your virtual presentation has to be of the same high caliber if not higher quality  than your products. If you come off as a blurry, lagging iphone streaming hot mess with the impression of I don’t care how this looks – that is definitely going to impact your ability to sell your products.

We are not about selling you new technology. We teach you how to use your existing technology effectively.  We assist you with optimal settings for your device, how to connect multiple devices, and which settings are best in which situations. We teach you how to take what you already have and make it work at a more professional level for you. We are also there for you when you need assistance troubleshooting for those days when technology just decides its going to act up.

Camp Yarnsie vendors have access to a wide variety of materials and supports for building your presentation. We are not talking just a stand there in front of the camera and ramble on for 45 minutes kind of runaway train sales pitch. We are talking a presentation with transitions, additional sources (eg. do you need to demonstrate a skill, show fine detail, etc.), and a style which fits your brand and conveys your brand’s message. 

Once your Facebook LIVE presentation has been completed. You will leave Camp Yarnsie with a business presentation that reflects your brand in its physical viewing appearance and in its message. Your presentation will stay in the Camp Yarnsie Virtual Craft Festival for current and future members to view at any time. Viewers can easily locate your video, find your contact information and keep coming back time and time again. There has never been a time when the quality of your video presentation (meaning every piece of it from the resolution to the wifi bandwidth, to the audio quality, etc.) is crucial as it directly reflects to the perceived quality of your product.